Salute fellow Hemperor’s and Hemepress’s.

Hempathize is a movement focused on promoting the use and benefits of hemp and other earthly goods to helps us take greater care of ourselves and mother earth.

Stage 1 – (-16) Music for a movement – Hear me speak! My first goal was to obtain an audience and a platform to build upon and music has been a perfect tool for achieving this.
People seem more inclined to listen to my views and idea’s when im rhyming. All of the money i have recieved from CD sales has been put into the Hempathize kitty towards funding Stages 2 and 3.

Stage 2 – (17-18)Research – From January 2017 i will be travelling and chasing my roots. Throughout the year i will travel to a variety of locations around the world to learn a diverse set of living practices including agricultural, medical and building techniques, from different cultures along the way. I will continue to expand on my Architectural Design Technology degree and further improve and develop the hemp hub and village plans.

Stage 3 – (17-18) Further funding and research – The summer of 2017 will see the release of the very first Hempathize products in the form of clothing and health products. Further funding will also be obtained via music sales, events and fundraisers for Stage 4 of the project. This year will also see the finalised location and plans for the hemp hub.

Stage 5 – (2020) Hemp Village – Shangri-la – Born again. The journey starts all over as i hope to find paradise onwhich to build paradise. Peace and harmony with the land. Self sufficient village full of energy, creativity, passion, health, nurturing, knowledge, fun, peace love and unity. Hemp buildings, ital fruits and vegetables in abundance, chemical free surroundings, carnivals and an endless supply of smiles.

Feel free to contact me if you…

feel you could contribute or assist in any way
have ecoprojects to recommend
are working on a likeminded project
would like to join the street and/or artist team
have ital products you would like to distribute via Hempathise