Oracy: Noun – The ability to express oneself fluently and grammatically in speech.

Since hitting the scene in 2011, Oracy has been busy working with various artists across the globe. With over 200 performances under her belt she has enjoyed travelling Europe with her fresh, neoteric vibe.

A true lover of Hip Hop and Dub, Oracy brings the key principles of peace, love, unity and of course having fun to the stage, whilst sharing knowledge with her audience through a captivating flow. With a humble confidence, her performances instigate’s sparks and emotions that always engage the crowd.

Supported: DJ Supreme, Andy Cooper (Ugly Ducklings), Rodney P, TY, Akala, Lowkey, Reverie, Chester P, Mystro, Logic, Lunar C, La Methode, Kimberley Newell, Joker Star, Michael Parknsun, Tony D, Reveal, +

Raised in Wolverhampton, she was the “estate kid that went to ‘posh’ school”, with an unparalleled ubringing , but always knew how to hold her own. The skatepark was where she was introduced to hip hop and the romance began.

Oracy’s musical career began with a European Hip Hop exchange project in Spain where she embraced herself in the culture and worked alongside an array of talented artists. The inspiration never left. On return to the UK, she immediately saved, planned and moved to London to embrace the culture further and has since performed across England, Wales, N.Irealand France, Spain and Italy. These early travels were documented with the her release, ‘A Bag’a Collaba’s EP’.

Following on from her early leg work, Oracy kicked in the door with her debut LP ‘Foot In The Door, June 1st. Feat Life MC, Index, JabbaThaKut. Produced by Hybrid Freqs, guest producers include Molotov, DJ Nappa, Dirty Dike, Oliver Sudden. A 10 week tour followed, with each weekend full of shows across the UK, France and Italy.

Wordplay Magazine – “Kicking in your door … is the heavyweight boot of Oracy with her debut release Foot In The Door…littered with bangers featuring the likes of Oliver Sudden, Dirty Dike and Life Mc. – Oracy has opened the door, all you have to do is step through it”

Her second album ‘Suttin Dubby’ covers the vastness of the dub spectrum; from reggae, jungle, drum n bass, grime, dubstep and everything inbetween. It provides an even more in depth and diverse look into Oracy’s mind and vocal abilities.

So far she has established herself as a strong up and coming talent, receiveing press coverage from Wordplay Magazine, I am Hip Hop, Paperchasers Ink, Rago Magazine, Itch Fm, MDR Radio, Suspect Packages and many more aswell as support from leading artists and producers in the UK.


2015 Rhymepad Open Mic Champion.

Voted UK Hip Hop newcomer by Underground Hip Hop

Voted Fresh Face by Wordplay Magazine

Voted 3rd in the UK Hop Hop album awards of 2015 by Just Got

Collaborated with 4 End of the Weak champions